Sherwood Road – Falls, Bluff, Swamp Trails

A 4WD or adventure motorcycle ride to three great lookouts in Sherwood Nature Reserve.

Trail information

Sherwood Rd leads off Bucca Rd, near Moonee, and climbs into the forests. Shortly after the Waihou Rd turnoff, a short track leads to Waihou Trig, and a wonderful view over Nana Glen. Below the sandstone cliffs, between the canopy of the subtropical rainforest, you may catch a glimpse of Waihou Rd making its way down. Enjoy the birds, flowers and outlook in this lovely spot.

Continuing further along Sherwood Rd is a turnoff to the swamps that form the headwaters of Scrubby Gully creek. Next is the turnoff to Falls Trail. Informal walking trails lead from the end of Falls Trail over the rocks to different viewpoints and a natural infinity pool.

Back on Sherwood Rd continue to the Tower and follow Bluff Trail to another lookout, this time over Glenreagh. Very scenic at sunset.

The trail down to Sherwood Creek Rd is too steep for our liking, so we backtracked to descend on Waihou Roads. This area is used by logging trucks so take care.


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