Sawtell to Tuckers Rocks

Wade across Bonville creek at low tide, a long beach curls to Bundagen headland, and finally the cool of the littoral rainforest walk.

Trail information

Bonville creek is easier to cross at the Big 4 caravan park – the water is up to our knees at low tide and a stingray scuttles away in the sand.

With the sun behind us, a pleasant breeze, and not a soul in sight, we stride off south towards Bundagen headland. I climb the little rock at the headland, because I like climbing things. The rainforest walk is shady and peaceful as we listen to the birds and debate the difference between staghorns and elkhorns. A smell of eucalyptus in the air on the final ascent of the Bluff, but no koalas in the tallowwood today.


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