Keyman Statue

A forest motorcycle ride or 4wd trip to an intriguing statue built by logger Jonaas Zilinskas in 1956, and covered in keys

Trail information

Jonaas Zilinskas (Slovenski) was born into poverty in a large family in 1919, migrated to Australia from Lithuania after WWII, and lived in Corindi in later life where he was something a local legend. He was a circus performer (tightrope, trapeze artist, strongman) and logger in Newfoundland State Forest (now Yuraygir NP).

Park at the gate on Yellow Cutting Road, cross the bridge over the creek and then follow the short path up the stairs to the Keyman Statue that Jonaas built of concrete, wood and beer bottles. A man stands atop a cement plinth dressed in keys. When we visited, he was holding a green beer bottle in his raised hand, something like the the Statue of Liberty holds her torch aloft. Nearby is a wire rope dangling from a tree, rumoured to be his tightrope.

Jonaas retired from the circus in 1999, and returned to Lithuania in 2006 where he died in 2013. An Australian postage stamp commemorates the circus performer with the Iron Jaw, who suspended his trapeze partner from his teeth.


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