Get Lost Trail

Peaceful forest tracks to popular climbing crags with escarpment lookouts to the east

Trail information

There are three lookouts on the east facing escarpment of Sherwood Nature Reserve. From Conglomerate Trail, Mozzie trail leads to the first lookout and Get Lost Trail to the second lookout where you can see across the valley to Dicks Knob. Continue on to the third lookout at the end of Brush Trail, where we found a large campfire site and an interesting stove.

Fireplace at Brush Trail lookout
Get Lost Trail 3

The Sherwood Nature Reserve plateau is sandstone country with interesting flora. The escarpment crags are popular with rock climbers. There are informal paths along the top of the escarpment from Get Lost lookout.

Trail runners and bushwalkers might want to continue north to the end of Brush Trail from where a short off-track walk down the ridge will take you to Ewens Gap and Sherwood Creek Road.

Combine this adventure tour with a visit to Falls Trail and Waihou Trig with lookout to the west.


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