Fernmount to Bellingen

An undulating forest trail along the ridgeline with lovely views over the Bellinger valley.

Trail information

You will need a car shuffle or a taxi ride as this is a one way walk, although it can be walked in either direction. We began in Fernmount, leaving the view towards the Promised Land from the Bellingen lookout, and the cafes in town, as the reward for our physical efforts.

But first, the path climbs to a small communications tower, servicing the insatiable need for mobile connectivity, and then to a disused trig point with healthy tree cover blocking out a view. When I was a a child, trig stations were essential for mapping and navigation. Now they are the forgotten technology of the last century, replaced by the communications tower as the beacon of this century.

Its a beautiful clear day. We can hear the sound of logging machinery, and in the distance the brown slope of clear fell is jarring among the green of the Tarkeeth forest. Further along the path is a shelter and a fire ring – the site of protests ?

We stop at Lardner Lookout to admire the view across the Bellinger valley, before descending to Hill Street.


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